Free contactless pickup for laptops/ tablets

Does your family or business have recently upgraded laptops and tablets to spare? Why not donate them to those who need it most?

We offer free contactless pick ups in the Ottawa area.

As a CRA registered charity, every donation rewards you with a valuable tax receipt.

We're also a certified refurbishment center with a 2 million dollar insurance policy in place to insure your data is safely wiped .

We know its a difficult time, but your donations can help change lives and support the health of our community.


Laptop Donations

How do I schedule a pickup?
Follow this link and fill out our pickup request form for a contact-less pickup.

Will you safely wipe the hard dive?
Absolutely. We've been entrusted to wipe hard drives for the Ottawa Police for over 20 years.

What kind of laptops are you looking for?
Our only requirement is that it can run windows 10.

Cash Donations

Who will my donation help?
CompuCorps works with a variety of underprivileged groups from at risk youth, seniors, immigrants, victims of sexual assault, and more. Once you make a donation, you can suggest who you're most interested in supporting.

How will my donation help?
Your donation will help support our operation from pickup and delivery of laptops to the refurbishment and repairs required before handing them off.

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You've just given someone an oppurtunity...

To go to school, to apply for an online job, to receive emergency aid, and to stay connected to loved ones. On behalf of CompuCorps, thank you. But the mission isn't over yet. Sign up for our newsletter to follow our efforts and share your donation to facebook and twitter with the link below.

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